Friday, February 28, 2014

just hanging on there

Decided to take some quick shots of a bit of local wildlife.  Here is a moth casing hanging by a bare silk thread.  Perhaps it belongs to an emperor gum moth.

It was the two light coloured leaves chosen to 'aid' the camouflage that gave it away.  They are the wrong shade for the tree bark and its own leaves and must have blown by from a garden several houses away.  The casing is attached at only one point on a fine silk thread.  The casing gets caught in the wind blowing around the tree.

Friday, February 21, 2014

found a little glass treasure

Well it's not so little. I spotted it across a crowded op shop amongst some other jars of a similar size.  The jar stands 25 cm tall and 12.5 cm in diameter.
It is a Fowlers Vacola No 65 preserving jar. 

I have preserved a few batches of fruit in Nos 20 and 31. The No. 65 would be great for preserving whole peaches I guess. 

Thought I should add a photo to show the scale of the jar.
That is a 20c coin standing next to No. 20 jar of this year's nectarines.

One site on the web says Fowlers stopped making this size in 1975.  I wonder how long it had been sitting in the back of someone's pantry before the final clean out occurred?