Wednesday, March 26, 2014

wondering what to do with washi tape

Did you let some of those tempting rolls of sticky colour into your stash.  They are a cross between stationery and a craft supply.

Some uses:
1.  Stick your artwork to photo background sheet.  Peels off easily!

2. Attach it to tissue paper so it behaves more like ribbon  than sticky tape.  The colour of the tissue paper will tint the washi tape especially if some areas of the design are translucent.

3. Attach it to card stock to stiffen it, easy to thread through buckles

4. Attach it to tissue paper to remove the stickiness and then sculpt it and pleat it up. I attached it to a length of double sided tape ready to decorate a card.  Use a tissue paper colour that compliments the design.  I used white for this sample.
5. Co-ordinate the seal on envelope flaps with the embellishments on the card inside

More ideas later.

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