Friday, March 28, 2014

using washi tape

Here is another idea for creating with washi tape following on from my last blog post.

This one is easy bunting with the flags attached to the string as you make them.

Tear off a length of tape a little longer than twice the final length of a flag.  In my case 9 cm.

Precut the card stock strips to the width of the washi tape you are using. These flags were 3.5 cm long before trimming.

Press the tape to one side of the length of card stock, then over a mounting string and down the back of the card stock.

When it is all firmed into place trim the covered card stock with a point or two.
I created a template to help with evenly cutting the points.  Final length of these flags is 3 cm and of course there is an odd number of them!

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