Monday, March 24, 2014

seed cycle

Last September the Hakea Laurina flowered displaying these blooms.
Now, in March, I have spotted the seed pods attached to the branches.

Curiosity, cats, satisfaction and all that got me wondering what the pods carry.
 One seed, two seeds or more seeds?  Seeds as small as poppy seeds?  I heated a pod over the stove flame.  It cracked open a little and I helped it the rest of the way. Inside were two mat very black seeds. Had the flame licked inside and burnt them?

That question lead to another test where I applied heat but not a naked flame.  The seeds were still inky black.
How many?  Just two seeds.  They lay tightly side by side, the contact faces are flat with the germ molded into a dip in the seed pod. The larger pair of tear drop shaped seeds, from the second pod, are 12 mm and 22 mm long.
Most of their size, though not weight is due to the wing.  Designed to be caught by the wind I suspect.

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