Sunday, March 30, 2014


An autumn crocus is now flowering.  I thought I had cleaned all the bulbs out of this bed when I transferred them to a new location.  Nup! There aren't as many other plants in this bed, crowding them in so that's alright.

Pumpkins that are suppose to to be picked in autumn just fruiting and nowhere near ready for picking for an autumn harvest festival!  If the May frosts don't eventuate then perhaps the pumpkins will continue to ripen. I plan to leave them in place for now and some I will have to mow around.

Butternut pumpkin seeds germinating.  They do love a compost bin for warmth.  Can I keep growing them on until spring?  I will see.

Now to check out the jalapeno crop.  Are red jalapenos hotter than green?

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