Friday, February 21, 2014

found a little glass treasure

Well it's not so little. I spotted it across a crowded op shop amongst some other jars of a similar size.  The jar stands 25 cm tall and 12.5 cm in diameter.
It is a Fowlers Vacola No 65 preserving jar. 

I have preserved a few batches of fruit in Nos 20 and 31. The No. 65 would be great for preserving whole peaches I guess. 

Thought I should add a photo to show the scale of the jar.
That is a 20c coin standing next to No. 20 jar of this year's nectarines.

One site on the web says Fowlers stopped making this size in 1975.  I wonder how long it had been sitting in the back of someone's pantry before the final clean out occurred?

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