Friday, June 28, 2013

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

a tutorial for making small bobbins

a rose by any other name  ...  bobbins or spools

In a previous blog I talked about the spools I had made with a rolled paper core.  Here is a tutorial to help you make your own.  It is a great technique for using up scraps of paper.  You can decide to make them coordinated or more scrappy.

If you don't want to make your own I will be adding some to my Etsy shop loaded up with art threads.  When you have used these lovely wisps of colour on your creations you will be able to reuse the spools for your other threads.

So here is the tutorial
paper trimmer
bamboo skewer or dowel - 4 mm diameter
double sided tape
glue similar to Studio multi-medium
circle punch - 25 mm diameter
glue stick or glue runner (low water content so it won't buckle the paper and you don't need to wait for it to dry)

Cut 1.5 cm wide strip of scrapbook paper 30.5 cm long
To soften paper fibers squeeze strip between your thumb and middle finger then pull through and down over your finger.  Similar action to curling paper ribbon
Put piece of tape 5 cm from inner end and on edge of outer end
Start wrapping inner end around the skewer, check edges are aligned
When you get to tape, remove backing and press paper strip firmly on coil, continue rolling to end, check edges are aligned then fix the tape at the end

Punch out 4 circles
Using glue stick or glue runner stick two circles together to make spool end disk, repeat for other disk.
Use multi-medium glue to fix coil to disk, check coil is in centre of disk, attach other disk to other end of coil
Tidy up any oozing glue and let dry.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

slim and interesting

Have found another wallet design. The first was an origami wallet I wrote about here and this one was spotted for its similarity to an envelope.

Here is a link to its story, manufacture and shop.

And they got a write up in the Mumbai Blog post here.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

in organising mode so back to bobbin making

Sometime back I pinned a tutorial by Bee-Inspired for making a small bobbin or spool.  I want to tidy up some short lengths of fine cord and hemp string so the idea of making these small versions of bobbins popped back up.

The good aspect of Gabi's choice of scalloped circles for the ends is that the spools won't roll away ... easily.  The bobbins are made from sheets of paper so you could snip a slot in the flange and have somewhere to tuck the end of the string into it to stop it unwinding.

This got me thinking about using squares for the ends. No roll but I wondered if the corners would wear or catch on things.  Last week I was given a plastic spool when I bought the last piece of ribbon on it. The ends are octagonal. I could use my hexagonal Spellbinder dies or cut some octagon shapes.

The first paper I found was some Kaisercraft: BaseCoat - Distress.  Off I went.  The spools started getting longer and the ends larger in diameter. The print was so like the wood of the antique weaving thread spools and I wanted to match the proportions. Then to add a special touch I punched holes and set eyelets in the ends, just like the bobbins in this photo.

photo from here
The wood print paper had been glued to a heavy black cardboard base and die cut with the Sizzix circle shape knife dies - those thick dies that cut through most media. This paper was also wrapped around the cardboard shaft.
The spools look beautiful and too good to cut a slot in the flange to keep the thread/string/cord safe.
My short length of hemp string looked rather lost on the new spools. Oops I had let design override the function and simplicity of Gabi's original idea.

So I started stepping back and had a look at what square flanges would look like. Nup.  They then got cropped down to octagons and the shafts got shorter with each new sample. Then it was back to circle ends. The final spool in the front of the above photo was 2.8 cm diameter and 2 cm high.  The designer spools had started at 4.2 cm diameter and 5.3 cm high.

Using printed paper I tried spools made from 3.8 cm scalloped circles with a 2 cm long shaft.
Then finally I made some 2.5 cm  x 1.5 cm petite spools from punched circles and a strip of paper tightly rolled up. They had two layers of paper on the ends and I did cut a slot for the thread in these ones.

I still like my miniature 'antique' spools best. To finish off I made a shabby painted look spool from the reverse side of the paper and I like that one too.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

wintery flowers

A mauve rose.
My favourite rose Pierre De Ronsard which is still flowering well and should soon be pruned.  Very few thrips at this time of year to damage the petals.  The blooms have had a stronger pink shade over autumn and I think this makes them less appealing to thrips too.  White being their favourite colour. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

wintery orchard

The dwarf Meyer lemons are fruiting well again this year.  Don't plan to make marmalade again so will need some other recipes to make use of them.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

in my wintery world today

Noticed between rain showers.  From a distance I thought it was a leaf but the closest tree is a birch and the leaves are tiny