Sunday, December 16, 2012

garden learnings

This year the garden Xmas decorations are just monochrome green gumnuts
 I have learnt the flowering gum doesn't necessarily flower every year and it takes more than one year for the gumnuts to mature.  They are nowhere near turning brown, dropping from the tree and becoming a hazard under the blades of the mower.

This time last year we had a flowering gum covered in red blossom and the fly in/fly out changing decorations of lorikeets.  We can hear the lorikeets in the area but with no food on this tree they are not visiting to sup on nectar.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

the answer is food

In a previous post I showed a miniature gingerbread man cutter just 4.5 cm high.  To make some treats for a morning tea this week I used the cutter to make this pile of biscuits. 
Yes they do look like a rugby scrum of gingerbread men.  They were made using the recipe here ... with a little extra ground ginger.  I wasn't interested in decorating them but a little detail can be added by using a skewer to prick holes for the buttons.

So the cutter is definitely now to be used for food from the kitchen and not art from the studio.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

make it better

Half way through the assembly and colour changes of the pink blush birthday card I decided the Copic air grip would work better for me if I got out the Sugru and modified the air grip.  I added some hand pads and a way better valve finger pad.  The Sugru is best left for 24 hours to cure before using.  After about 4 hours I wanted to get back to changing the colour of the embellishments and luckily the new pads had done most of their hardening and it was safe to use it without damaging the molded shapes. Impatient?  Nah, well just a bit!

 It rests in my hand really well now and feels a lot more comfortable to use.
The design of the air grip 'as manufactured' seems to work for both left and right handed people.  I think a Sugru pad would improve the operation of the valve lever a lot for left handed artists.

Friday, December 7, 2012

pink blush birthday card

The birthday card I created this week started as a white-on-white card.  There have been some lovely cards published on blogs and Pinterest lately.  The embellishments on this birthday card, paper flowers in parchmentine, embossed cardstock and diecut swirls all started out in plain white.

Rethinking the card I decided to give it pink highlights and achieved the change with a pink Copic pen and the air grip.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

origami wallet

The online search went from a price comparison with the result "so that was a good price after all and no shipping costs" onto "how can I make one"?

We found a Dynomighty airmail print Tyvek Mighty Wallet at Goose last Saturday.  It was coveted by someone who likes lightweight small wallets and doesn't carry coins.

Tyvek is an untearable (no guarantee) plastic sheet and I had five A3 sheets in my stash. The YouTube search revealed a tutorial using a Tyvek shipping envelope by the man who designed Mighty Wallets, by someone who copied the wallet and another alternative paper origami design, possibly designed by Sok Song.

As the A3 sheets were a bit short for the project (one bank note pocket not two) I made my version and then tried the origami version. 

I went onto create a style and size that could be created from 12 in x 12 in scrapbook paper. These won't last forever but would be good for giving gift cards for Christmas or birthdays.

There is a bank note pocket and two gift card/credit card pockets.  Either could be used for a greeting.

This design needs paper approx 15.5 in x 13 in so I used a sheet of KaiserCraft wrapping paper.  It also has a nice fine fabric like texture.  The down side is that there is a part of the wallet that shows the back of the paper, in this case white.

There is one pocket for bank notes and four places that could hold gift cards or credit cards.

edit: I have added a post with YouTube link on how to make this wallet here.