Tuesday, November 29, 2011

one more theme to go

The daytime Technique Tuesday class on 6th December will be dry embossing with embossing folders, our last technique for the year. 

Evening class on that day will be Distress Stickles and Perfect Pearls, then the last evening class on 13th will be a repeat of embossing folders.

There was shimmer and shine today with Stickles and Pearls.  There will be another special shiny media in the embossing class.  I am just waiting for Marisa to confirm it arrived in the today's delivery.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

oh the things you can see

A couple of months ago we had a large cut leaf maple removed the back garden.  It was a tall tree with wide dense canopy that dominated that corner of the garden and the neighbour's too! 
The trees next to it now have access to sunlight and water.  We have access for weeding and pruning.  This morning I discovered one of the trees is now in flower.  It might have flowered every year but now they are easily seen with access up close.

At first look they seem limp and bedraggled.  They are pale pink, bell shaped with a stiff waxy texture.  Each blossom is less than 1 cm long.  Such a lovely find. The planting tag says the fruit will be round blue berries. 

The tree is a blueberry ash (Elaeocarpus Reticulatus - pink flowered).

Friday, November 18, 2011

by the rusty iron lamp post

The mannequin from Tim Holtz's Sewing Room Sizzix Bigz die can be decorated in so many ways.  It is suited to altered art and greeting cards alike.  The new die Holiday Lamppost is another similar die.  The die cuts all the details beautifully.  The holly and berries can be cut ... or not.
I created a mantlepiece decoration on super heavy black cardboard using the lamp post as the focal piece.  Marisa was interested in seeing it used in a sample, perhaps a card and my mind went lamppost --> light --> gas flame --> flickering LED tealight, got one of those! Well four actually.
In the photo you can just see the tealight flame through the lamp housing.
  The next sample will be less about the holiday season and more about a lamp in a garden, white picket fence with red roses. A die that is not just for Christmas!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

had to try it

After talking about tissue honeycomb paper I had to give some die cutting a try.  The honeycomb block is made of 26 layers of tissue.  The Spellbinder ornament die cuts through 25.5 layers of tissue.  Just a little teasing apart separated the shape from the scrap.  Die cutting makes cutting intricate shapes easier than getting scissors into tight corners through 26 layers.  Several pieces can be cut to match each other too.  The Sizzix Bigz steel knife dies just chomp through the layers easily.

This green ornament was made from a full large ornament cut in half and then carefully glued together with a glue stick. Bet you can't pick the join!  I cut a base shape from green card and attached the fanned out honeycomb bauble to it to support it.  Add some ribbon for hanging and it could be used as a wall ornament.
I love the way some of the colours look like velvet when opened up.

Edit: Supplies of lots of shades of honeycomb paper can be bought here.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

pink + cream

The parts of this card have been shuffling around my craft table for several weeks.  Yesterday I pulled them together with help from several types of adhesives.    
This card is all about pink, one shade of pink on a cream card base.  The Distress Stain: Spun Sugar was used to colour the seam binding, lace strip, tag yarn and create the background. The matching Adirondack alcohol ink: pink sherbert was used to colour the apple blossoms and silver birthday sticker.  There is clear rock candy stickles adding some shimmer to the centres of the flowers.

Friday, November 11, 2011

another Christmas decoration

Becca Feeken at Amazing Paper Grace has created a honeycomb bauble decoration. Travel on over to her excellent video tutorial.  Becca uses the Spellbinders Heirloom Ornament die.  The same principles can be applied to circles if you don't have the die.

This time it is important to use text weight paper.  For the last Christmas bauble I loosely used the term Christmas paper but most of our printed scrapbook papers are heavier than text paper. Some of the flexible text weight pearl papers would look lovely.  I think Becca's find of double sided purple and gold paper looks lovely and just right for the design.
After my own experiences with glue dots I was interested to read that one of her secrets is to use "very aggressive glue dots".  Wonder what the brand is?  I know they come on a roll, that much I picked up from the video!!
I still have some supplies of manufactured tissue weight honeycomb paper.  This tutorial has me wondering if I can cut through the block with either of my die systems.

Monday, November 7, 2011

rosa 'Pierre de Ronsard'

This rose is flowering beautifully this year.  The buds are creamy white and usually appear about the time of the sap sucking thrips.  Thrips will settle on anything white including the washing.  The flowers, lots of them, have developed and bloomed between any possible invasion of thrips or aphids.  The aphids have been over on the crabapples.  The plant is suppose to be disease resistant, it is just not pest resistant.  The outer petals are a little rain damaged but it is the rain that has helped the wonderful flowering.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

renovation rescue ...

... or how to use up some of the embellishments in your paper arts stash.
Did you buy some of these brads?

When the paper ranges they co-ordinated with went out of stock I began to see them discounted.  That is when I bought a few sets.  I could see they had potential!

Just remove the epoxy sticker and the white backing layer then clean off any remaining glue with orange oil.
The metal rim can be coloured with Copic ink or an ink like StazOn.  Find some printed paper to punch out as a base. Use Dimensional Magic or Glossy Accents to hold pearls or trinkets and add some shine.

Friday, November 4, 2011

extended fence

Tim Holtz's On the Fence Alterations die gives you this cut.
 Then cut to 5 cm high and draw in the lower rail and extensions of the pickets.
Finish off with a coat of Distress Crackle Paint
... and let dry with cracks.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

extended fence + Technique Tuesday

The Tuesday Techniques class on 15 November will be about using Distress Crackle Paint.  Apart from creating the class samples I have been working on some inspiration samples. The idea of crackle paint lead me to the fence die and the extended fences I have made from it.

The Tim Holtz alterations die "On the Fence" cuts a short picket fence with details 2.5 cm (1 inch) high. It is an  "On the Edge" die.  The fence detail is not cut away from the the main piece of cardstock at the bottom of the die. You get to make that cut.

By trimming the card stock 5 cm below the highest part of the fence you have the first step to creating an extended fence. Choose where you want a bottom rail to go then draw it on the fence in pencil.  Next you start trimming away between the pickets and below the rail.  More later with photos.

For class bookings please call Marisa at Create On Ormond on 03 5222 1449 or email


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Christmas bauble trial

Using the instructions I wrote about here I have made some of the paper baubles.  Whilst a bauble requires 12 circles, at 7cm diameter it was possible to get 16 circles from a 12 x 12 in piece of paper if you are cutting with a Cricut.  Mine were made with double sided paper.
The design works best when there is a high contrast between the each side of the paper.  The finished shape is quite strong.

The baubles were assembled with glue dots (for speed and simplicity).  I had my doubts about using glue dots but wanted to see the final result.  Glue dots don't like being in tension, i.e.pulled apart, as happens when these circles have all been joined.  As each one pops apart I have used a small amount of gel glue and a paper clip until it dries.  I recommend taking the slower path and using a glue pen like Tombow Mono Aqua which has a small tip option.  Its useful for applying small quantities and in tight places.  This is needed by the time you make the final join.

I made another bauble in a non-traditional print.

The Christmas print baubles were finished off with a seam binding  bow coloured with antique linen Distress Stain and the one above with plain white binding.