Friday, February 25, 2011

Reminds me of

Looking around pinterest I noticed this dress photo and it reminded me of the Martha Stewart Doily Lace and Vintage Lace edge punches.

from here

 I would love to have matching blank punches that just followed the outline of these punches.  Position the strip behind the Doily Lace and it would give the black border and black spots shown in the print of the dress fabric.  It could also be achieved (less accurately) with some scissors and a bit of fussy cutting!  Now that is a challenge!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Designing a Card #4 - 70th Birthday

To start designing this card I asked some questions of the people who knew Peter.

  Event to be acknowledged - 70th birthday
  Significant work or career events - Early career building fences
  Towns born and lived in - Country Victoria   

Design Plan
On hand in the family documents was a photo of Peter as a boy with his dog Tony
As his early career was in fencing this was represented with the fence palings.  The raffia was used to represent the dried grasses along a fence line.

For the card I then made a co-ordinated custom sized envelope with enough room for the decorations on the card.

After giving this card to Peter I decided I wanted to send it to the magazine Stamping and Papercraft with the hope that it might be published.  No I didn't ask for the card back.  While the construction was still fresh in my mind I made another card and envelope then sent them away.  As the card was accepted for publishing it was another three months before I saw the card again. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

big, bigger, biggest

Last week I used up the last of a roll of adhesive tape. It had a cardboard roll as a core.  Me thinks it would make another good bobbin base.
In fact as it held industrial adhesive tape the cardboard is 3mm thick, 8.2 cm in diameter and 17 cm long.  It is going to be a large bobbin.
Early design plans include making it into a container and decorated bobbin.

The end circles might need to be 14 cm in diameter.  None of my Sizzix circle dies will do that job.  I will probably use the Cricut to cut lots of layers of chipboard that will then get glued together to give me the strength and thickness needed.  Pity!  I really like the way the layers of glued paper and chipboard get compressed together going through the Cuttlebug when die cutting.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Ledger of Life

This month's card class 'Who wants Cake?" is on Tuesday night, 15 February at 6.30 pm.

The March Card Class design is in the bag and now on display in the shop too.  The "Ledger of Life" class will be held Thursday 17 March at 6.30 pm.
Flexible in design for significant events more than just birthdays, it can be made in other paper and colour ways to be given to both the men and women in your life.
You will get lots of tips on using the Tim Holtz "On the Edge" narrow Sizzix dies.  This one is File Tabs.  The rubon quote is part of the new KaiserCraft rubon sheet "Life".  The class title "Ledger of Life" comes from the image of one of the two clear stamps used.  To finish off, some Tim Holtz Distress Ink is used in the harming of the edges of this card ....of course.

Bookings can be made in store, by email to or by phoning 03 5223 2003.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Open for Viewing

Last Saturday was the opening of the 2011 Postcard Show at Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts.  We were there for the announcement and presentation of the prizes. Unfortunately none of the little white envelopes came my way.  It was a very cramped viewing what with artists and friends milling about. There were 1,600 pieces of art from 1,000 artists. 

I chose to exhibit two paper dressed dolls "La Primavera" and "Out and About in Melbourne".
  My other item was a mixed media canvas titled "Handmade Future".

I had some fun creating a paper pattern for the 'F'.  I have a few small pieces of Kraft colour tissue paper left in my stash.  With a little support from a piece of copy paper  they went through the injet printer.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Designing a Card #3 - Dress Tags

This one is a card I created to give to a friend of ours.

   Person - Woman
   Event to be acknowledged - Birthday
   Favourite colours - Bright
   Interests - Loves fashion

Design Plan
Fashion purchases come with tags.  Why not put the dresses on the tags.  Tags of different dress designs will make up the collection catalogue.

Stamp: Stampendous Wire Works P099 Dress Up

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Designing a Card #2 - 50th Birthday

The only picture available that wouldn't raise suspicions with requests was a baby photo.

   Person - Woman, dear friend
   Event to be acknowledged - 50th birthday
   Age of recipient - see above
   Interests - Reading books
   Towns born and lived in - Lived in the country, now living in a city

Design Plan
On the book theme the card was created as an accordion fold book.  The pictures are a series of 5 stamp images from LazerWerks showing a girl about 14 years old who then ages about 8 - 10 years more as the series progresses.  Interestingly the woman is wearing less as she gets older.
The red book is a handmade miniature with a stitched signature.  The title on the inside was "The Story of a Country Girl as told by Gill Smith".

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Designing a Card #1 - Shipping Crate

Sometimes I don't want to give the card to the person who has commissioned it.  Perhaps I need a label "Return to Maker". This is how I went about designing this card.

   Event to be acknowledged - 60th birthday
   Age of recipient - see above
   Significant work or career events - Career in shipping & freight forwarding
   Towns born and lived in - Adelaide & Brisbane
   Favourite sport and clubs - AFL Port Power and then Brisbane Lions

Design Plan
An old fashioned shipping crate marked with the towns lived in and the football teams followed.
The birthday celebrated by filling the crate with '60th' confetti.
Career in freight forwarding acknowledged with stickers reading "inspected by customs".
The greeting were sent from relatives in Adelaide to the birthday boy in Brisbane which determined the "From: and the "To:" labels.
 Front view
Back view

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Surrounded by supplies

and you can't focus on ideas?  Last week I had a request from a class participant to help with ideas for a 90th birthday card for a male friend. Whether the card is for a male, female, old, young, birthday or significant event you might find the design of the card easier if you answer the following questions about the card recipient.

- event to be acknowledged
- age of recipient
- favourite hobbies; cars, gardening, sewing, reading
- interests; gemstones, travel, history
- significant work or career events
- towns born and lived in
- favourite sport or club
- significant or favourite colour

In designing the card keep in mind  it is not about 'your' favourite colour, paper design,or whether you like ribbons and flowers, or not.

Answering the above questions for herself  'E' realised that a card built around a 'cricket' theme would fit.

I will post some samples of cards I have made for special events in the days to come.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


On the weekend I decorated one of the Kaisercraft bookend drawer sets.  Which one?  The right facing one of course!  That is what I bought!  The great idea with these drawers is the same set can they be assembled and decorated as the left bookend or the right bookend.  You decide when you start working on them.
I used pages from the K & Co pad Classic K "McKenna".  In the collection there are two of the same pattern, one light pink and the other a deep crimson.

I matched the pattern and put the light pink on the vertical surfaces and the dark on the horizontal surfaces. Each piece of paper was distressed with Ranger-Archival Ink- Sepia before attaching.  It is waterproof ink. This was important as I used the Tombow Mono Aqua (yes, water based) liquid glue to adhere the paper to the MDF.  I love the soft grooved nib on the bottle.  There is no need for foam brushes (and cleaning them) with this nib.  As the ink was waterproof, any excess glue, and there was a little bit, didn't smear the ink.

For the drawers I tried to pick a different flower design for each of the front faces.

Rolled anticlockwise and with each of the drawers rotated here it is as the left bookend.

 The chipboard drawers were painted on the bottom and the inside before assembly.

The drawer pulls are large clear plastic beads held in place with jewellery fittings.