Wednesday, April 21, 2010

as the world turns

About six month ago I pruned all the leggy bits off this plant.  We will call it the parent.  After letting the ends  of the stems dry out I planted the pieces in a pot and put it out of the sun.  The succulent cuttings seem to have taken well, were bright green with a few tips nibbled by some garden life.

At the beginning of April I moved the pot into the full autumn sun.
A slight change at Day 5

Now bit by bit the jellybeans are turning from green to red.  Looking more and more like their parents.

... and at Day 17


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

all in the detail

On a walk around the garden I discovered this wonderful creation by Nature.  It looks like something that should be on a fastinator i.e. the hat style, not to be confused with a fastenator the scrapbooking tool.

All this show was balanced on a single stem from a bulb planted several years ago and not seen since.  The leaves are yet to come.

Monday, April 19, 2010

more flowers

It took a little time but the pieces for the May card class have finally fallen into place.  This is a pop up card with two pop up devices used to create the final effect.

I love the papers which is probably why I have such a connection with the card.   The new Tim Holtz distress ink colour Victorian Velvet goes well with the paper.  You can play up the aqua, rust and pinks to give it different looks.

If you are interested please contact Chandon Craft by dropping in, emailing
or calling 03 5223 2003.