Sunday, June 28, 2009

too much to remember

Last week I found a set of four embossing plates at RIOT Art & Craft Geelong. The best one is a daisy design. Some of the others, well ...

The plates just fit through the Cuttlebug slot. This was the first thing to test when I got them home. I was prepared to get out the jigsaw and very pleased when it wasn't needed.

As they are not made for the C'bug I went through the process of customising the (cardboard) shims to make the plates work. The last steps were labelling the shims then recording which shims and C'bug cutting mats are required. I stick labels on my Cuttlebug with what is needed for each sort of die. All my shims and mats are stored together in one box.

... a few memory prompts close by

Saturday, June 27, 2009

this goes with that - three

Take the blue flip side of Cosmo Cricket Cherry Pie, the flower side of Apron Strings and the paper I mentioned in an earlier blog post ...

... Scenic Route - Sonoma Melody Lane

The banana milkshake flip side goes with the flowers on Apron Strings.

For embellishments I am adding some chipboard flowers and hearts. These will be painted with Making Memories Red Wagon. Fresh Anthology - Daffodil (a very misnamed paint colour) goes with the banana milkshake.

The paint is drying. Bit an excuse really as Making Memories paint dries really quickly and generally I only use one coat. I also have some chipboard buttons drying so I'm wondering whether to use narrow ribbon or embroidery thread through the holes. I haven't found those yet but I do have some threads that work well with the Fresh Anthology paint series. I haven't been able to match a paint with the blue.

Friday, June 26, 2009

and more journalling tag ideas

School days from bella. I don't have any of these.

Ruby Rock-It Vintage Beauty from Bella.
Blue, cream and white, yes, these are in my collection.
I think this one will be good with a splash of red.
Red grosgrain ribbon, red pearls, red rhinestones, red brads ...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

more journaling tag ideas for cards

Following on from yesterday's suggestions for making your own journaling tags to co-ordinate with your paper selection here is another stamp.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

where to from ... last night

Last night I ran the Wallpaper card class. We had an evening of chatter, laughs and the odd 'oops'. The slips helped people understand the importance of being familiar with the tools you use and recognise which ones you like using. The best lesson was to keep having a laugh or two as you go!

Inspired and ready to make more cards using the same construction, at the end of class we went looking for different papers. The cardstock used in class was Heidi Swapp's Dream Dining Room Wallpaper with co-ordinating journaling tags. Checking through the racks we found some of her other similar designs. One set, Runway Damask, has a pink background, white spots and black damask images. It will make a stunning card. There are some edgy grungy masculine designs hidden in the racks as well.

As some of the papers chosen don't have matching journaling tags I have just realised that the Kaiser stamp set -Flourish Journals or the similar rubon set would be very useful for these next cards.

The Heidi Swapp stamp - Memory Book Images has a good date stamp (with a bird).

Or then there are the plastic Ghost Frames - Ornate, which can be stuck over a mat.

Time to get out my set of Flourish Journals stamps. Actually I have two sets. With one set I have removed the journalling lines. But that is another blog post ...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

know the name not the face

Walking back from the local shopping centre the other day we passed a cotoneaster (tree) that had been trashed. There were red berries all over the path under the tree.

Today we met the culprits, face to face. There were six Gang Gang red crested cockatoos stuffing their beaks. I was able to get within half metre of them whilst they kept eating and watching me.

You can read more here

As we progressed along our walk we noticed other similar trees with berries laying on the path underneath. I have heard of the cockatoo but until today I didn't know what it looked like. Large, grey and red.

Monday, June 15, 2009

spark ignited

The call for card art I was working with last week required some of the paper to be 'distressed'. Travelling along the creative path I thought of texturing the paper with one of my crimpers rather than just screwing up the paper.

I find it hard to discard or pass on my card making tools. Many have now got new uses with a slight twist. Papers or other supplies have come on the market and they all work together, often better than when they first came out. Older tools can be very hard to replace with them going out of fashion so easily. I keep them in case!

After crimping some pieces of BG Cherry Cola paper I distressed them with a sanding block and then recoloured them with Distress Ink - Spiced Marmalade. Just what was needed!

My straight crimper has a 15 cm blade which I found a little limiting with some of the patterns I wanted to create. As I was leaving Lincraft on Friday, there, dumped on the bottom rack without any packaging was a big bright shiny yellow crimper. As I mentioned these go out of fashion so I had no expectation of seeing them in stock anywhere, let alone a large version.

The new tool in my collection - a 21.5 cm blade crimper.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

left overs

After cutting out whole flowers and nearly whole flowers for the flower stacks on the Sonoma card collection there was just a bit of paper left.

All that was left to do was whip up some cakes and lay out the table cloth.

Supplies & Tools: Kaiser clear stamps set Birthday, black pearls & rubons

Saturday, June 13, 2009

where did the flowers go?

Some of the flowers I cut out went (virtually) to the US as a card submission. The other flowers were used to decorate a collection of cards.

Distressed and not.

Of the four sides of Melody Lane and Sierra Place, one side just didn't get a look in. Working with the papers I grew to like the banana milkshake coloured face.

The card above was followed by ...

The centres of the flowers on this card have been decorated with Lemon Flower Soft, a great colour match for the banana milkshake shade in the papers.

Supplies & Tools: Fiskars border punches Scallop Sentiment and Apron Lace, Sizzix Traditional Bookplates

Friday, June 12, 2009


When I said that Sonoma - Melody Lane went with Kaiser Country Grove- Daisy Chain I definitely meant the back of the paper not the front.

Have you noticed that at times the flip side of the paper is more interesting and usable than the highly decorated 'front' of the patterned paper?

Although I am trying to make use of my collection of papers I have stocked up on Daisy Chain as it is a very versatile colour.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

this goes with that - too

The flowers on this Scenic Route paper Sonoma - Melody Lane are more shades of watermelon/salmon/coral than pink. It has a co-ordinating fine stripe, Sonoma - Sierra Place. Are these in your stash waiting to be used?
If you are seeking some green papers to go along with the design try KaiserCraft Country Grove- Daisy Chain for a mottled look and ColorMates Dark Outdoorsy Olive for a plain green.
I am off to cut out some flowers for distressing and layering.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

this goes with that

I bought this Graphic45 paper from Seriously Scrapbooking a few months ago. On its own it was a little lost. Then along came Basic Grey's Lime Rickey Cherry Cola which provided a great match for the red borders. To finish the outfit off I had a surprise find of ...

These two papers are some of the 'quieter' coloured papers Graphic45 produce. In each of their ranges they have papers that are super saturated with colour. Shop owners buy different parts of the ranges and then I guess some sell out before I get to them. Actually seeing the paper is important to my final choice.

The cards I made with the papers have been sent off to a magazine for consideration for publishing so there is nothing to show you yet. The selection process is via email so hopefully I will know in weeks rather than months.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

ready to paint these gardens

Hello Kitty is ready for the weekend art event at the St Kilda Botanical Gardens.
I have yet to find out whether it rained today. I hope not.

op shop + nature's art

Friday, June 5, 2009

clear view

An expedition with a friend to an op shop on Wednesday netted a hyacinth bulb vase. Quite a find. I think of March, not June as being the month to buy bulbs and I didn't believe I would still be able to find bulbs. Some success today with a mixed bag of four bulbs. The instructions tell me I have until July to plant them.

Comparing the colour of the bulb skins with the single colour packs I worked out that one will have white flowers. The others will be a mystery until they flower.

Casting around to see if I had other suitable containers I realised a crystal vase had a very similar shape to the 'proper' bulb vase. Two bulbs now have appropriate homes. Maybe the others will go in the garden.

I have just googled some instructions so now I know I need to find a dark place for them to start their roots.

Monday, June 1, 2009

laboratory 103

What would some white Doodlebug paper frills look like with a rubon border?

The white scalloped edge with some black Kaiser rubon border looked crisp. No image available. In the style of Mythbusters ... and what would it look like if I went one irreversible step further ... I then coloured the frill strip with light walnut Copic marker. This is an alcohol based pen. The 'over colouring' produced a great look.

As I didn't saturate the paper only a bit of ink got under some of the areas of clear webbing. This webbing holds the fine areas of rubon together and makes the rubon 'stick' to paper. It gave the strip some variation in colour which I think works and adds interest.