Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Creative Roll

Some of you have already seen the June and July card classes in store. I have been on a roll and moved along to design the August card class too.

Here is a sneak peek at what is coming up for August. I am opening a window into spring with a class called Spring Wisteria Flowers. The border punch - Threading Water will be in use again and we will learn to mitre the corners to give it a more polished look.

In the colour highlights I have emphasised the sepia and deep violet shades in the Basic Grey Wisteria collection. I have noticed some pale yellow flowers in BG Violet paper that could be the focus to create a very different look for a card.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009

a hint for hunter gatherers

Do you buy sets of ribbons that match the scrapbook paper collections?

The ribbons are usually held in place with some sticky tape. Here is a hint for those of us who collect cut lengths of ribbons and lace on cards. Now, whether we get labelled 'collectors' or 'hoarders' these ribbons are unlikely to get used straight away. As soon as the manufacturers put the sticky tape in place it starts aging and getting stickier. When the tape is removed the glue is often stuck to the ribbon.

If you want to keep the ribbons on the card, remove the sticky tape and tie the ends in place with thread to keep them tidy.

The ribbon shown in the photo is a lovely blue and white collection, Vintage Beauty, by Ruby Rocket. The collection is so new the ribbon is still in good condition when the sticky tape is removed!

Friday, May 15, 2009

laboratory 102

In my stash are several sheets of foil gift wrapping paper. These have a bright colour, shimmer and texture. I have tried gluing them to heavy card and die cutting Sizzix shapes from them. The pressure of the process flattens out the texture and they lose a bit of their zing.

Today's experiment involved gluing the foil papers to 110gsm paper, counting to three and then punching out borders with edge punches. Love the result. Martha Stewart's - Doily border looks stunning. This was the first border I tried and it was at that time I decided I would use a lighter weight mounting card/paper.

You need to count to more than three if punching out the new EK Edger Punch - Parisian. It has many tiny holes and it is inclined to just tear the paper while it is moist.

Christina Re by Fiskars or new Fiskars Effervescent and Apron Lace do just fine with the impatient paperartist.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

laboratory 101

Recently added to my collection are the Fiskars edge (border) punches Apron Lace, Scalloped Sentiment and Effervescent. Some test punching showed that the scallop along the outside edge of each of these designs has the same profile. Therefore, Scalloped Sentiment will make a great second layer border behind the others including the older punch design Threading Water.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

a birthday celebration

On the weekend we had a combined celebration for 4 birthdays. With the days being colder and colder it seemed a final moment to present a celebration treat based on icecream.

As there is a general garden interest and strong love of chocolate, the idea fit the group. Icecream was a great idea when I first saw this out on the blogsphere early last summer.

First item found was a set of terracotta flowerpots, then came the clear plastic cups and drinking straws. These were soon followed by medium sized artificial flowers on fine stems.

The final supplies once a date was set were the edible bits: chocolate ripple biscuits, fudgy icecream and chocolate sprinkles.

There was some paperarts to this creation of course, a Sizzix scallop die cut.

What was I making? Edible soil! Assembled around a straw the cups were filled with a layer of crushed biscuits, then icecream and covered with sprinkles. The straw was there to hold the flowers.

Snakes and mini M & Ms were added as garden bugs. An early prototype with buried 'dinosaurs' was discarded due to the cold making the lollies very hard and hazardous.

The treat was enjoyed by all.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

they said it is removable

I had a request to cover some tins. This time I bought Maya Road dinner break tins. These are promoted as having handles which can be removed for covering the lid. A little grunt with a screw driver and the pins on the handle fittings were straightened. Easy.

The preparation started with cutting out the paper for the sides, the lid and the edge around the lid. This needs a narrow 9 mm strip. I sketched the profile of the catch on the back of the paper and cut the shape out. I was very pleased with the look.

Then! Then I thought that if the handle can be removed, the two pieces of the catch can be removed. Brilliant design. The previous boxes I have decorated have handles and catches attached with blind rivets.
Removing the fixtures makes covering the tins fun and far less fiddly.

The papers used are Basic Grey from the Lime Rickey collection.
My work is done. Now the tins are ready to be filled.
You will have noted that I was asked to cover the tins, not decorate them!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Creative Flow - another card class designed

The July card class has a male theme - Map Matchbook Card. This class is being held well before Fathers Day. On class night this card can either be made with a 'Happy Fathers Day ' message or with a 'happy birthday' greeting.

We will be using a Corner Adorner punch to create a border, Tim Holtz Distress ink and applicator, and the wicked hole punch tool Crop-a-Dile. No chance of hit and miss with this tool!!

The papers are by Heidi Swapp from the World Traveller collection. Old Map has some wonderful cartography details on it. Have a look at both sides of the paper.

Check out the sample in the Chandon Craft store.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Almost off the Page

Definitely a chunky card.

This card was made for someone who collects militaria. When I saw some rolls of striped grosgrain ribbon I developed up the medal theme for the birthday card.
As I wanted it to look something 'like' but not necessarily exact, a little online research was required to help in designing the mounting of the 'medals'. The research also lead to the idea of creating a riband bar for the inside of the card.

The metals loops were handmade to fit the bulk of the folded ribbon and yes, the chipboard alphabets have been used once again.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Art Competition

Many people visit St Kilda heading for the restaurants and cafes of Fitzroy St, the beach front or the cake fest that many believe is to be found in Acland St.

If you were to take your cafe latte and slice of kuglehof then wander up Blessington St (located just past the southern end of Acland St) you will discover the St Kilda Botanical Gardens. It hasn't just sprung up but was started 150 years ago.

The gardens are a treasure. They will be captured and celebrated in an up coming art competition. Rather than bring your art along to show, you bring yourself along and capture your impression of the garden.

The Rainman statue is located in the duck lake. When the sun shines and there is some water in the lake his umbrella rains on him.

The fine print on the brochure reads - download info/registration at

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

June Card Class

My design for the June card class is complete. The card is made from the Heidi Swapp Wallpaper kit which is a sheet of double sided paper with three coordinating die cuts.
We will of course be cutting (punching) some corners along the way.

Details will be coming up on the Chandon Craft blog soon.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Decorated tin

This was another tin I decorated with scrapbook paper. The coordinating embellishments were created from the details on the papers. For the ruler I glued the image onto a piece of chipboard and then cut it to shape with a craft knife. The edges were coloured with a permanent pen

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Clearing out

There has been some sorting and clearing out of kitchen cupboards going on here. Very much a necessity as I was given a set of china to take care of.

That clearing out drive has moved over to the photo folder on my computer. I generally save photos in high resolution for future flexibility but this does cause a space liability.

Early last spring when the first strawberry reached maximum colour and size. I had to record it. The skin looked taut and about to split. Soon after the photo it disappeared with a burst of flavour.

Choosing which of the photos to keep I noticed the irony of the image.

It is a Japanese strawberry 'Aiberry'. The label describes the fruit as 'both sweet and fragrant'. Yes it was both!
The design on the dinner set ... strawberries.

Card Class - Slider Action Card

For the next card class on 12 May we will use bright flowery Nonsense- Jib Jab. Using some Cosmo Cricket Snorkel Boardwalk I made the same card with a different theme. Perhaps this would suit a birthday celebration for a boy.

Although the class technique remains the same there are lots of looks that can be created for different occassions.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Beautiful weather for butterflies

Wanting to be out in this beautiful autumn weather I made a visit to Chandon Craft this morning to collect some more papers for upcoming card classes. The shop had a buzz with people preparing for the Crop for a Cause being conducted on the Kaisercraft premises this afternoon.

On my return walk home I decided to satisfy my curiosity and find out what changes had been made with Create on Garden moving one door along in the Garden Street shopping strip. I can report it is a lot easier to see the product and Marisa now has a separate class area. There is plenty of indoor space for coffee drinkers too.

Despite some retail shrinkage happening, around Geelong there are a few butterflies leaving their chrysalis and spreading their wings.

With Create on Garden's move it seems that Grandma's Bottom Drawer gift shop can expand into the premises next door. Over the last few weeks Nicki at Artworx has exploded out of her chrysalis, spread her wings into Ryrie Street and a bigger shop space.

With all these independent businesses continuing to serve us, it is great news. I wonder if there are other Geelong butterflies waiting to emerge from their chrysalis.