Thursday, December 31, 2009

out in the midday sun

The tomato plants are wilting. Any roses left on the bushes are being desiccated in the 35 C heat (and wind).

I am staying around home today but out there is a plant just loving the heat. It seems the hotter it is the happier it is. Its soft petals are still bright.

We know it hates the frost but is does grow readily from bits broken off and pushed into soil. It is making a stunning display today.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

and not just for buttons

Another use for the Kaiser advent calendar is to insert a piece of mirror in the centre section and then use the drawers for jewellery.

To hang on the wall fix hanging loops on the back. You could attach hooks (e.g. open brass cup hooks) along the bottom for chunky necklaces and bracelets.

Monday, December 28, 2009

did you know they are not just for Christmas

... and I am not talking about puppies and kittens.

After making the advent calendar in the Graphic 45 paper style and spending time decorating the small drawers I realised that the Kaisercraft wood and cardboard advent calendar blank could be used for storing small paperarts elements.

I went ahead and decorated one with pages from the K & Co pad Que Sera Sera. The drawers now hold "some" of my button collection.

Making the first advent calendar I learnt there is such a thing as too much paint and glue. The wood the blank is made from is MDF and the water in the paint and glues causes it to swell. All of the paint and most of the paper was applied before I assembled the unit. There are places one should not put the paint to ensure tabs still slide into slots etc.

I played around with pattern matching. Unfortunately I had already used one of the sheets (there are three of each design in a pad) on another project earlier this year so matching was a bit limited.

The drawers pulls were made from buttons with shanks. They started out as cream but then got two applications of denim coloured alcohol ink.

It is very easy to push holes in the cardboard of the drawers with a dressmakers awl. Mind your fingers on the inside though. I used blue jewellery wire to attach the buttons to the drawers.

These button are some of my collection that won't make the inside of the drawers!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

a little bit of play

I have been finishing off the sample for the January 2010 Tools + Techniques class. It is all about alcohol inks. There are cliches about the journey and the destination. Working with alcohol inks is such a fun journey and until the article has dried fully you won't discover the destination.

In a very timely fashion a new product arrived at Chandon this week - sparkly clear plastic droplets just like the water droplets you may find on rose petals after a rain shower. I can picture them on the fruit and flowers of Webster's Page papers.

Whilst still in their clear state they look great on photos and printed papers. They respond beautifully to tinting with ... alcohol inks.

The green ones on the left have been coloured with Citrus whilst the ones on the right are Pink Sherbet.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Moving on

Advent calendars are very popular this year. A friend has just completed one for her son, well really her grandson. Whereas mine travelled to the other side of Geelong Lindy's has now travelled to north Queensland.

This is Lindy's creation.

Still using pages from the Christmas Past collection of Graphic 45 papers she has used the framed image of St Nicholas as the focal point. Lindy has also made something special of the 'spare' 25th box!